3939 is Open!

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  1. 3939 Is open!
    So finally 3939 is open its a nice enchanting shop with good prices and good stock
    Its on smp2 residence 3939 so come have a look a leave a comment here what you think about it
    Thanks :)!
  2. Whoh nice shop I like the japenese house idea anyway REALLY GOOD
  3. Thanks alot !
  4. just a question how much accounts do u have?
  5. Nice job, but you shouldn't take credit for someone else's work :)
  6. You accepted i used your Teleport system :)
  7. Nono, I mean the building design :p
  8. Where is it from?
  9. YouTube...

    Not sure about the video though, saw it a while ago.
  10. Mmm didnt see any Video for this picked up some Inspiration a several residences on EMC 1 of then is 32japan1
  11. Ahaha.
  12. that is meant (JK)
  13. Great work!
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  14. Thanks :)
  15. hmm?