3660 Smp2. AKA D.M.O.S

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  1. Me And Friends Have Been Building A New MegaMall For SMP2.
    We have worked very hard on it so far. Spent more then 30k in the last week. If U want to donate. Me and friends Will be able to build More. :D
    Hope To See You Soon. :D
    Ps. I couldnt upload a
    Snapshot because it
    Didnt Work. Sry

  2. Congrats on diamond. What happened to the waterfall I built?
  3. I needed space to build. Sorry.
  4. Note That I Only have around 7k.
    Donations Help Alot.;)
  5. You get 1,300 rupees a day
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  6. Ik, But i spend it fast on wool and glass and to pay to helpers.
  7. Someone stole alot of the rails and all the powered rails on the quartz express!!!
  8. Please Donate Blue & Black Wool. (PM) Me or
    Donation's Of ItemFrames & Chests
    Help To. :D
  9. Please explain why this is relevant to the thread.
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  10. Lolz Idk. I was just bored. Would u like 2 buy a dc of Ender Pearls. Ima make a thread Aution for it
  11. No thank you.