3660 Grief Party!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok So at around 25 minutes from post there will be a mega grief party at my res hosted by me and MasterMockery. The server is smp2 of course. Nobody besides me and Mm have move perms. There is around 50k of stuff. After ur done. I will reset it andmake a special surpirze. I hope to see u there!
  2. Starting Now go to 3660 smp2! Theres tons of new items and enchanted stuff and all!!!!!!!
  3. I got about 5 stacks of quartz blocks :p
  4. Heehee Lol the re looks like hell atm, its still going on though
  5. Drop party also soon!
  6. Guys talk about wut u got :p
  7. Can you say when the drop party will be exactly? It was an awesome party, got 5 stacks of books and 32 iron blocks
  8. There was still more but im very busy with MasterMockery Planning stuff. So ill post when though :D
  9. Ok, just post an hour or two ahead of time so people will have an advance notice :)
  10. Ok I'll come at a good notice:)
  11. 2013-06-21_12.22.56.png You shoulda seen my res

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