365th day

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  1. Hello Guys,
    soon it will be my 1 year on EMC, and I will be hosting a DP at res 18016 on smp9 more information on what day and time will be said closer to that. For now feel free to go to that res and start donation items into the hoppers everything pit in them will be put in the DP. People can make Money gifts on paper and things like that and i will put it in.

    I am hoping as many people can come as possible to make this a really cool fun night here on EMC. as i said will be more information when getting closer to that date
    Thanks BTHarrold98 : ) 2013-10-05_11.19.01.png
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  2. I will be there for the partay :)
  3. I may be able to donate some materials
  4. umm happy birthday i guess but... this account (btharrold) is a couple months from 365 lol is it another one perhaps?
  5. no its BTH but just getting ready with more items to put in so we have more fun because it will last longer
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  6. oh okay :) well good lookin out, if you want you can use my drop room on 6 should be done by then 12002 i fya wanna check it out
  7. Thnx for letting me know i will check it out