365 days on the empire!!

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How long have you knew me?

1 day or less 5 vote(s) 35.7%
A week 3 vote(s) 21.4%
A month 1 vote(s) 7.1%
6 months 0 vote(s) 0.0%
FOREVER 1 vote(s) 7.1%
Sry don't care... First time meeting you 4 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Hey emc! It's FINALLY been a year on empire minecraft! And I'm gonna follow this with my history and a contest

    On my first day on emc I had no idea what I was going for and I thought I would have to survive on my own being killed by limited resources. A week from then I made a friend named DiggyMaster123, he would go on mining trips, explorations, and help each other. I got my res 2543 near the edge of the server. It's been like that for a while and the progress made on my reds was astounding! Then I met Diggy's friend MadRocker360 and that made this server extremely fun. Around that point my res got a house, restroom, creeper dance floor, and a pool. Later, I referred my brother eligab to the server who had a hard time since he plays on the tv. Then I met SO many other friends to the point where I can't name them all! By let's say May, my res was Huge and it had another floor so I basically had two residences. On them I had a house, restroom, pool, two sets of bleachers, a dance floor, donation room, mini mall, hotel, fountain, gigantic auto wheat farm, other farms, light powered auto potato farm, diving board, ice ring, spleef arena, and a WIP auction room. crying from all those missing memories and work lost. Months later we had to move from Hawaii to Washington and I had to stay at New York for a while too. During that long time span my res 2543 was taken force-claimed and everything i built was erased and destroyed. When I checked if my friends still play, 3/4 was perma banned for griefing or illegal mods. Even harder was the community isn't active like it used to so I struggle with my new res 2227 which can't progress like 2543 could. Now with my only friend StarRock13 who would play smp1 is all that is left.
    Ok now for the competition you all cared about..... *drumroll*
    Is going to be in my next post :)
  2. congratz :)
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  3. Congrats. If you want a new friend, I can be one. I have been on here do over 2 years. Almost 3 now.
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  4. Contest:
    Answer these questions to get part 1. survivors get to move on to part 2
    1: what design was my dance floor
    A) Me!
    C) EMC
    D) none of the above

    2: Do I carry gravel/dirt on explorations
    A) Yes
    B) no

    ※: for an extra life answer this question (you will survive if you answer this incorrectly
    What did i name my armor?
    A) Yoshi Armor
    B) Zelda Armor
    C) Crystal armor
    D) empire armor

    Edit: answer it like this: 1: A 2: B etc.
  5. 1: D
    2: A
    3: A
    Happy 1 year :)
  6. 1.D
  7. Bump-sies
    Here's a tip: #1) answer is in my auto-biography of me :p
    #2) well... I can't help you so much- ask my friends maybe
    #※) hmm... My friends name?
  8. Woops! nobody is posting because the prize wasn't mentioned!!
    The prize is 1365r! and a secret prize
  9. 1 b. 2 a. 3 d.
  10. Congrats :D. This is my 3rd year on EMC
  11. I have been on emc for about 840 days !'
  12. 1.B
  13. It's b a b :) I was at school though so I hope I'm in time with the answer
  14. Bump! Hurry in approximately 1hr ill pick the winners. It will look like this
    Red= died (failed test) green= survived (correct) blue= barely lived (failed atleast 50% of the test) extra life and you get this: ※
    1| player
    2| person
    3| minecraftian (missed Q1)※
  15. And the survivors are?
  16. Sry I was trying to contact my long lost friends :(
    Anyways surviving list here we come:
    1|Qwerty189> missed #1 ※
    3| CowMan18 missed #2
    4| OrangeDuck607
    Amazing! No deaths so far! But some are severely hurt but who will win?
    If I missed anyone plz tell me!
  17. I'm late but if you will accept me; 1. B 2. A 3. B
    nvm, i just realised that i could get the answers from what you said so it would be unfair
  18. Yah sry bought that. Although you only missed 3, the bonus question :p
    I won't chart you but ill let you move on ;) only cause almost nobody competed
    Edit: only way to fully win is you get a bonus question correct to pay for part1
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  19. Everyone else who entered and survived will get part2 on a private conversation!
    But feel free to submit the poll up top ↑