365 Days of Awesome! Giveaway and AMA!

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  1. I have been here for a year! I have proven those who think younger people are immature wrong.
    The giveaway will be for a mystery box. You don't know what's in it.
    How to enter:
    Post a AMA question(s) below.
    Do not post another comment unless it is a question. The format has changed. When you enter a question, the post # is what is being drawn.
    I will enter you in the random.org drawing.
  2. Have you completed the maze's in my residence yet?
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  3. What's your favorite Hostile Mob?
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  4. What? No, I'll see if I have time.

    (My profile picture.)
  5. No one seems to care. :(
    EDIT: I'm in school too. On my iPad.
  6. Its still school time in the UK
    And most of America will not have woken up yet, keep it bumped :)
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  7. What is your favorite game? (No Minecraft)
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  8. You obviously didn't read the OP :)
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  9. Will you help me in preparing a new survival games competition?
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  10. What's the most over priced thing you have bought in the empire.
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  11. what is you favorite block plant? (cactus watermelon pumpkin Etc)
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  12. Ohhh.. Haha:p
    How much rupees do you have?
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  13. Why the name Kman122000?
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  14. Right now it's Team Fortress Two.

    Let's finish what we started first. I'm with you. This one will be bigger and better!
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  15. 27k at the moment. I'm a poor gold supporter.

    I originally wanted Kman. I added my Birthday to the end because my original was taken. I wish I could have used it. If you can change names in the future, I will change to ShadowKman.
  16. I bought a stack of slime balls from a certain person for 5k.

    If you can count the birch sapling in Sphax.
    If not probably pumpkin. Saved me from endermen so many times.
  17. I guarantee that the items in this chest will be awesome!
  18. what is your favourite enchantment
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  19. That is a hard one. I would have to say Fire Aspect for bows and swords.
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