365 DAYS! (almost) in EMC!

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  1. So due to the fact i most likely won't be able to get online for my 365th day on EMC, i am making this post now.

    EMC was the second minecraft server i had ever joined, the first turning out to be a disaster after having all the mods hate on my creations.......but anyways! When i joined EMC i had had minecraft for maybe two or three weeks, i still remember building my very first little shop in the back of my house and selling melons and pumpkins for an insane price :p I remember meeting NoobofEpicness (Not sure where he/she has been these days) and how Noob and I helped each other with mining and building and the like. a remember how so many people cam and helped me build my Creeper Mart. (I hope to revive that store some day) and how nice everyone was. I remember first joining The LLO, and being so excited to be apart of the development of it. Zulu and all you LLO guys, you are awesome! Pretty much everyone I have met here have been nice to chat with and pleasant in general. The mods on EMC are literally unique to any other minecraft server i have seen in my time playing Minecraft, they take the time to think about what is best for the community as a whole, they want to know what the EMC community thinks of additions/changes they make, and actually take the time to help solve the problems of us EMC'ers; something i have not seen on other servers. People on the forums are not complete jerks all the time, and even when conversations about Ponies happened, People didn't instantly start ripping on it and start hating, I am glad to have been apart of EMC through all that has happened. So many good memories have been made here, (Even the ones where people made in-game cults to try and kill me ._. ) I want to say thank you to everyone here on EMC for making this the most enjoyable and friendly experience i have found in any game i have played. Minecraft or otherwise.
    Thanks for a good year EMC and i look forward to the next year with you all!
    Now i am finished with my rant, god i sound like i am accepting an Oscar or something :p
    Once again,Thank You all for being amazing.:cool:
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  2. I also would like to thank Equinox_Boss for liking almost every post i have ever made....:cool:
  3. Congratulations on almost year!
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  4. I liked you as soon as I met you. And it seemed like I just kept running into you, even before you joined LLO. I too have wondered what Noob is up to these days.
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