365 Day Celebration! Super Parkour Race and AMA!

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Will you do the race?

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Yes 5 vote(s) 50.0%
No 1 vote(s) 10.0%
Maybe 2 vote(s) 20.0%
If it was at a different time 2 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Hello everyone on june 6th it will be my 365th day here on EMC!
    Story about how I joined: Well it started when my good friend talukegord told me about this server he had been playing on for a little while. When I joined I joined smp8 the same server that my friend was on. I loved it as soon as I got on. But during that summer I had to stop for a little while due to in real life complications. But then in september of 2012 I got back to playing EMC and haven't missed a day since. The community here is awesome, the events are fun, and the staff are amazing. I'm glad that I joined this server and hope that I will be playing it for a while longer.

    People that have been great friends to me along the way (If I miss anyone it's because I don't have a perfect memory).:
    Talukegord , Funkyfalcon34, HxCami10 , Seffychan, Kaja_the_pug, kuraudochuu, Corruptedsmile, Amusedstew, and all the staff.

    Now what we will be doing to celebrate: If you know me pretty well than you know that I love parkour. And if you love parkour and have been to smp8, you have probably been to corruptedsmile's 3rd res. So I will be hosting a super parkour race that includes most of corrupted's courses and all of mine. I will be giving out 10,ooo R and 20 diamonds for the top 3 winners meaning that first will get 5k plus 10 diamonds second will get 3k plus 7 diamonds and third will get 2k plus 3 diamonds. This will take place next thursday (June 6th) at 8pm EST Starting at my res. Details about the race will be discussed at a later date. Hope to see you all there!
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  2. Congrats man, I may also add a prize amount to anyone that can complete the cork screw parkour on that res
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  3. Congrats... i may come :)
  4. Ill try and make it... congrats:) my computer is very laggy so parkour is not my thing, but ill try:p
  5. Thank you to the people who have commented so far :D
  6. I will go and it is perfect timing because that is the last day of school for me. Might be hard because of lag from that many people, guess i have to start practice.
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  7. Congrats, personally I won't do parlour but will come to watch people fail
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