365 day AMA and giveaway!

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  1. Yep, i am now one year old on EMC!!!! :D
    So, Ask me anything! :p
    I will also use random.org to host a giveaway of 20k rupees. You don't have to, but please ask at least one question before picking a number in the giveaway.
    I will draw once all numbers are taken

    2) kippy159
    3) Dj_Krazy
    5) hashhog3000
    6) JaydenFerrer123
    7) darksuperlord
    8) Palmsugar
    9) Lukas3226
    10) adondrabkin
    11) Electrobomb
    12) sonicol1
    13) NetherWorld666
    14) Elysphic
    15) Panda_Paradise
    16) Sweetie_pea
    17) DemonThunder345
    18) generalfelino015
    19) AliceF3
    20) cube45
    21) samtheboo
    22) marine4121
    24) PlayTehMinecraft
    25) princebee
  2. On a scale of one to 10, what is your favorite colour of the alphabet?
    19 please :p
  3. 16 please!
    And what is your favorite type of pie? :D
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  4. 18 plz, do you like SlipKnot :3?
  5. 14 plz and congratz on 365 days! :D
  6. 15 and congrats on 365 days! And, do you love pandas? :D
  7. 25 pls
    What is a gyrobifastigium? And why did auto correct want to make that microbiologist?
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  8. 7, how many potatoes can you swallow whole at once
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  9. 15 pl0x, and congratz XD

    Shady manatee says: What should my history essay, due tomorrow, look like?
  10. Which EMCer has your fav profile pic?
    23 please. :)
  11. Favorite Eeveelution?
    LEAST favorite Eeveelution?
    Least favorite pony?

    And don't bother adding me to the giveaway, they'll be wasted on me.
  12. uhhh... 7?

    Apple pie, hands down

    No :(

    Thanks :D

    They are so warm and fuzzy, so yes :3

    I have no idea and Autocorrect is an idiot xD

    None xD

    It should be in 5 paragraphs, double spaced, in pencil, about History
    15 is already taken by the way

    I'd say Sassy Smooch :D

    Favorite: N/A
    Least Favorite Eeveelution: All of them
    Least fav. pony: That would either have to be Fancy Pants or Fleur De Lis
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  13. How can you hate eevee?
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  14. Oh it's on! Prepare for trouble, or a fight! A troublesome fight!
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  15. 22 please, congrats on1 year.
  16. I just hate pokemon as a whole
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  17. ;-;

    I don't even...
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  18. Pokemon x or y and what two starters? 3 please...
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