35k flushed down the toilet!!!!!

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  1. Oh my......

    Those were my words when i looked at my rupee history and realised i bought a diamond pik for 35k. I thought it said 3500, i suppose i shouldn't play when I'm tired :p

    Well anyway please tell me if any of you has had a similar experience and how you resolved it, because quite frankly i need those rupees :(
  2. Is it a promo?
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  3. Nope just some enchanted pickaxe which would go for 2-4k
  4. Ask for a refund from the person.
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  5. I will.... But i wont bet on it happening... As technically it was my fault, even if his sign was rather tricky
  6. I once has a beacon despawn on me because a person was being difficult in returning it to me >.>
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  7. Wow that sucks.
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  8. Lol.. Think I know the person. I said that that was like ten times the price. Only response I got was "no they usually go for that much"
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  9. I asked this person for a refund or part refund a least, got a bunch of sarcastic and deluded comments. Some people need to learn some manners.

    He also kept saying that i payed a good price for the pik..... It's worth no more than 5k..... Some people eh?
  10. Selling something for 5x or 10x normal price smells like scamming to me, and scamming is against EMC rules....
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  11. I lost 10k to one of those holes where they ask you not to hit the wall... Like a dead drop, but I did... Ended up buying a 10k dirt lol
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  12. Not exactly, scamming is cheating someone out of his money. Although Andrew has a reason to be upset, this isn't the sellers fault, as I doubt he was even online when the transaction took place...
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