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  1. Alright guys, so my 1-year anniversary on EMC is quickly approaching, and I wanted to do an AMA before I throw my epic party. (I still need some 75r TNT for that, so if anyone can sell me, PM me please!) I'm pretty excited because it is the first Tuesday after marching band ends, which means I'm free to party most of the afternoon. There will be prize chests, raffles, casino games, etc. Hoping all goes well, we can have my nuke the res game as well XD. But right now, I want you guys to Ask Me Anything about myself, my play style, etc.

    Love you all,


    T&C: Nothing inappropriate please. I will have a mod remove the posts.
  2. Do you play sports?
    congrats on one year on emc :D
  3. Yes I do. Track, marching band, track.
  4. But I'm sure you knew about marching band from the first post.
  5. Why won't I ask you a question besides this question?
  6. Because you can't think of any
  7. do you like trains?
    do you like cake?
    do you like pigs?
    whats your favorite subject in school?
    whats your favorite sport?
    do you like pie?
    because i made you a pie
    whats your favorite tv show?
    whats your favorite video game?
    whats your favorite food?
    thats it
    for now
  8. I feel like I'm the only person on EMC that plays football (no I'm not fat I play skill positions safety, tailback quarterback etc.) anyways for my question now...
    Favorite movie?
    Favorite game (excluding Minecraft)?
    Favorite book?
    Favorite sports team?
  9. Yes
    Orange Box
    Chicken Parm

    Jurassic Park Series
    Orange Box^^
    Partials by Dan Wells
  10. do you want to help me make my mall?
    whats your res #?
    whats your favorite res? (excluding your own)
    what server do you play on?
    how many rupees do you have?
    whats your side in the presdintal election?
    what thing do you use the most in the day?
    dc or marvle?
    batman or spiderman?
    ketchup or mustard?
    apples or bannanas?
  11. No
    /v Sum1guything-4
    SMP2, SMP1, Utopia, SMP8
    My iPad and a pencil
    Bananas(no homo)
  12. Why do you hate me so?
  13. Haha I had too
  14. can you lick your elbow?
    can you suck on your own toes?
    can you write me a 10 page essay on why im asking these random questions?
    can you put your own fist in your mouth?
    can you kiss your elbow?
    can you give me all your rupees?
    wil you give me all your rupees?
    what if i ask like this? can i haz allz yourz rupez?
    howd you come up with your minecraft name?
    why did you not give me all your rupees?
    what if i had batman break in to your house then would you give me all your rupeez?
  15. No
    Yes, but its not like I would ever want to
    3 is my lucky number, and I love the video game character Kirby from nintendo
    How'd you know?
    No. I am Jarvis, I could kick batmans butt
  16. what if i had 100000000 chunk norris and 10000000000 bruce lee break in to your house?
    or what if i had icc break in to your house?
  17. No
    Why not Jist have ICC remove the rupees from my account and give the, to you?
  18. good idea