333 days on EMC, Ask me ANYTHING :D!!!

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  1. This is my 333rd day on EMC! Ask me anything you wish to know, simple xD
  2. Will you give me 600k?
    100k is good.
    But will you give me 600k?
  3. No, Yes it is, no
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  4. How did you get to be so good at building stuff? :p
  5. So you will give me 100k :D?
  6. Have you ever fell asleep while playing mine craft?
  7. Imagination is more important then knowledge

    ~Albert Einstein


  8. Am I Captain Obvious?
  9. What is Toaster Bot's purpose?
  10. Whats the biggest project you have taken on?
  11. Captain Obvious to the rescue!!!

    To convince Homer everything is ok?

    Dragonia Hotel: http://imgur.com/a/V2RIA#0
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  12. No, to amuse me.
  13. Awesome hotel! Whats your favorite texture pack?
  14. John Smith (Eclipsys Revision)
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  15. When will you be done with my tower!?!?! :p This is gnyctk!!
  16. I'm working on both projects as fast as i can, dw, itll get done XD
  17. Would you mind linking it?
  18. Lol K cause its been awhile!! Who's the other? Faith?
  19. yessir, its faith
  20. What res number