32x32 quarry to bedrock

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  1. This is something I've been working on for the last week. Haven't been playing much lately due to being short-staffed at work, but a week to make a hole this big isn't too bad.

    I ran into an abandoned mine shaft about half way down, which is why all of those floating webs are there. There was a couple chests in the mineshaft, but didn't find any diamonds in the chests.

    I found about a stack of diamonds (with fortune 3) in my quarry, lots of iron, about 10 stacks of obsidian due to a large body of lava and not to mention a whole lotta cobblestone!

    I died twice in the creation of this beast. Once from a zombie knocking me off of the top stair, and once from a skeleton doing the same thing.

    This morning there was a wanna-be griefer that stole the bed I had set up about half-way down, but he ended up falling off the stair-case while I was mining, haha! I saw him hit the ground hard and my bed flew out.

    Well, I think that's it, just wanted to share my big ol' hole in the ground.
  2. I love that this story had a happy ending about a failed griefing. That made it wonderful! :)

    Also, you have much more patience than I do, so good on you. I just request you fence in the hole and place a sign on all 4 corners to warn of the existence of the massive quarry.... Beyond that, if you provide evidence of doing this, I personally will not hold you accountable for anything that occurs in regards to this quarry afterwards. :)
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  3. Will do!
  4. i love quarries
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  5. I do too! My next project is going to be a 64x64 quarry.
  6. try 200x200 (teamwork)
  7. Just to prove to Twitch1 that I made it safer for travellers.

  8. It would be nice if you could think of something to make it pretty afterwards... not that I have any ideas. The fence is a definate good thing.

    [edit] how about flooding it to make a lake? thats what they do in real life isnt it? :D
    put a 1 block dirt layer 1 block down across it, flood it with water and then remove the blocks so that it completely fills up. If you want to be really fancy, any caves/mineshafts leading off should be blocked off with glass to make it like an aquarium!
  9. Yeah I had given that some (very little, seconds literally) thought, but I'm not one for making things pretty. It's just a big hole and I'm proud of it. :)
  10. you could alwats place a layer of dirt right on top, keep the fence and make it a natural mob spawning area... though that would definitely be a bit too much open area...
  11. Ahh good idea, d1223m! I like the aquarium idea.
  12. Sufficiently satisfied now. :)
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  13. I quite like the fence and signposts. Looks like a normal quarry in real life. Except neater. :D
  14. Haha thanks!
  15. Would you like to sell any of that cobble?
  16. Sorry, I sold all of it as I went. :(
  17. I think I'm going to start a quarry of my own now... I have been inspired...
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  18. I'm just joking so don't pull out da bannzhamerz on me Twitch :). Make it a griefed trap! Cover the hole with a single layer of sand, and make a house out of sand on top. So a griefer will come and destroy your house but hopefully break through the layer of sand, thus making the sand cave in and killing the griefer XD
  19. You will of course be banned if you do this. But its a joke. So its ok...