300th Day

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  1. Today is my 300th day on Empire Minecraft. Don't know what to really say. Done a lot of stuff on here. Started out by selling logs, then expanding that beyond minerals. My current res # is 3118.
    Just gotta say, Empire Minecraft is a great way to play Minecraft Multiplayer if your looking for a awesome and fun community. Have to thank a couple people to helping me through this server, can't name off all of them theres a lot but here are the few memorable ones: EEjester, Secretazneks, Leowaste, Nole972, hayleycolgan, onaj, and Roja22 as being the first one there. Theres many more I just can't think of right now. Thanks community of EMC for making this day possible.
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  2. Congrats!

    EDIT: Since I reserved first post by accident, I am required to elaborate on the initial post.
    Congrats to Southpark347 for 300 days on EMC! I bought SOOO much netherbrick and sandstone from you back when I was building the sheep farm. That's all I can remember at the moment. Maybe later I will edit this post again and elaborate further. :D
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  3. How are you 300 days old? Your profile says, "Member Since: Apr 14, 2012".
  4. You didn't have to join the site when emc first started, there wasn't one that long ago I believe.
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  5. In game use /p southpark347
  6. Congrad! your prize is 300r ;), make it one year :)
  7. And now I just look like an idiot.
  8. Not really an idiot just someone who didn't have that knowledge prior to their post.