300th Day and Christmas Gift Giveaway

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  1. For my 300th day I'll be hosting a large gift giveaway on my first res, 16559 smp8. To enter this contest you must bring a book and quill of your own, then write your name as the title, whatever is inside the book doesn't matter.
    [EDIT] You can now just walk onto the plot during Christmas, day of present opening, to enter the event. But if you put a book with your name as title in you're assured to be able to open a present first! After those who've signed up got to open their presents everyone will be able to roam wild and search for good loot. Remember the more that sign up the more goodies there'll be in chest!

    Once the day of 'present opening' comes I'll use a website to randomize all the names to determine who gets to open a 'present' first. So all of the chest will be filled with goodies and once you're name has been drawn you'll be given the ability to open a chest. But be careful for you can only open 1 chest. If you open then close a chest your flag will be removed, no matter how long the glance was. Not everyone will win, but there'll be chances at cash, diamonds, a beacon, and much more! Have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favor :p
  2. Date may be moved in order for all to be available to join
  3. I look forward to it, but may i say, the odds are NEVER in my favor
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  4. You can put in the book at any time, but pollings will be closed on Christmas Eve
    The giveaway is happening on Christmas, date might be moved to convenience others though
  5. Cmon guys, I need more people to sign-up in advance. Anytime is a great time for free gifts :D
  6. Don't forget people, the event is tomorrow and if you put a book and quill in today you can still be entered to pick presents first!
    (Books and quills will be provided if you can't bring your own)
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  7. I don't have a book and quil. Could you provide me one?
  9. Like I said, books and quills can be provided if needed, but don't forget to sign the book with your name as the title

    This event is being postponed to tomorrow at 1:00pm U.S. Est time
  11. Can you not use white? I am using a regular green and I can't see your text without highlighting it.
  12. Guys it's now time to get on, sorry I 'm a bit late myself. Had some personal problems to deal with.