300k Event

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  1. So Guys I'm Doing A 300k Event Starting on res 19032, this event you will need to have a lot and I mean a lot of shovels or a couple of good ones. you will have to dig around finding chests in the chests some there will be books some there will be nothing, you will need to keep finding the books and look on all the pages to see what you can find ;). and yush its not easy its 300k on the line so.... You must only destroy the dirt and [Place] Dirt. You will know if you win xD.

    Good Luck to you all :D

    The Event Will Be Starting 3o Mins From This Post :D SMP9 Res 19032
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  2. I'm coming to this one!
  3. 3 EFF4 shovels.... Im ready. >: )
  4. 6 Efficiency V Unbreaking III shovels.. Cute
  5. I hav one :/
  6. A dc... Cute.
  7. I have a SC, just bringing 6. :p
  8. Yeah only bringing 4 :p
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  9. Starting In 6 Mins :D
  10. Uhm invalid post :/
  11. Guess you didnt need shovels after all :rolleyes:
  12. Turns out the event was on a few different residences, and the one stated on here wasn't the residence with the 300k chest.
  13. Still invalid post then if anything for more reasons than one