30 days of MineCraft (Dispenser Party)

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  1. I cant believe its been 30 days (almost) of EMC and MC for me. I researched servers before I bought MC and decided on EMC and I have been on every available hour from the time I first logged in.

    In honor of such a feat of lack of sleep I would like to host a dispenser party on 5/30/14 at 8 est

    Rules are simple. I will set up a lot of dispensers on my res and everyone may come and hit each dispenser once.

    PRIZES: all random and each dispenser will be filled with good prizes and bad ones

    30 Diamonds
    30 emerald blocks
    30 iron blocks
    30 coal blocks
    30 stacks of dirt (awesome prize huh)
    30 redstone blocks
    30 stacks of sugar
    30 stacks of paper
    30 stacks of eggs
    and what ever else I can come up with between now and then.

    If anyone would like to donate please feel free on smp6 /v 13357

    10k Giveaway ....... I have an unclaimed res still. If you can convince me why I should pick your SMP to set up my shop/second shop you will win 10k prize will be awarded on 5/30/14

    Its been fun meeting you all and I cant wait for another 30 days
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  2. Nothing ??? No suggestions at all !
  3. SMP9 Because there are very few malls with a wide variety of items, which means it wouldn't be too hard to get customers. SMP9 has mesa at waste and lots of cool people(Best Part) :D
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  4. I'd say SMP6, but my home is your home and with Silk's And Finch's mall's in the progress, I don't need any more competition! XD
  5. Really I don't want a mall. I can't compete with you guys on beauty and design. What I want it is to be the premier cobble and cobblestone supplier on 6 and maybe another smp. One day I would like to move into the wild and okay for a bit. So maybe a server with some awesome frontier life.
  6. Smp7 we really don't have any great shops, but what we do have is great people and fun times.
  7. I haven't really spent a lot of time on 7 yet. most of the shops or malls I visit are on 4. I need to start visiting museums though. learn some stuff about EMC
  8. well we have that 14006 on smp7, i could give you a tour if you really want.
  9. I may have to take you up on that. As Long as I could make a donation of course.
  10. looking good :D
  11. bump bump bump. come one come all
  12. 36 dispensers set up as of right now.
  13. Bump this is tonight !!! Over 50 dispensers filled with goodies
  14. thanks everyone who came out it was a blast
  15. tech you won ill be adding my second res to smp9
  16. Oh cool I wondered why I got money from you in rupee logs. Good have you on smp9 :D