3 Years of EMC Giveaway Party

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ProgressMaster, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. this event will have three awesome events, 1 a amazing drop party. 2 a prize filled maze. and finally a raffle at the end with 18.6k in rupees. more details will be made clear when the even is active the event starts on 10/23/16 1PM and ends at 3PM EMC time. see you then!
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  2. Hey. 3 years... wow. Congratulations.
    Sounds like fun. Especially like mazes. Will make it if i can
  3. Cool I plan to try to make it
  4. Cool! Congrats!! Could you post something on this thread before the event starts?
  5. sure thing, ill let everyone know all of the details 1 day before the event.
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  6. and i will also bump it 20 minutes before it starts
  7. Ok, thanks!
  8. Congrats! I should try to make it :D
  9. bump, the event is coming up next Monday anyone who sees the thread just join; since the event is open for anyone to drop by.
  10. also i bumped the thread because i wanted people to see it. i know i said that i would bump it a day before.
  11. I will try to make it :p
  12. bump, the maze might be a little boring i tried to make it look nice. tomorrow is the day!
  13. i just realized that i posted it being monday, sorry its actually sunday woops...
  14. i might need a moderator for the event, and i don't mean staff, i mean a reliable person to help me with the event preferably a gold member or up but anyone is fine
  15. bump, the event starts in less than an hour
  16. Nice job o n three years ill try to make it but im costume shoping
  17. the event ended at 10:32, thank you to those who attended.
  18. im sorry 1:32, lol im in oregon :p