3 Wither Skulls Already :D

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  1. 2012-10-31_14.50.25.png
    Traveled a long way to get to a 1.4.2 Fortress. In case you didn't know already, wither skeletons only spawn on 1.4.2 Fortresses. I managed to get 3 of these skulls in about an hour. Good day for me. Enjoy 1.4.2 and Happy Halloween!
  2. Wither skellys spawn in all fortresses, My 1.2.5 one on single player has given me 12 heads so far.
  3. I have 15 in SP.
  4. Nice Job, you should spawn the Wither boss in Neather.
  5. In single player it will convert the map bud.

    Believe me, You have to travel no less than 5k into the nether, to reach new land, and find a new 1.4.2 fortress. Be prepared, new fortresses also spawn 'rogue' blazes. And they spawn quite a bit more than their wither skelie brothers.
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  6. It won't do it in multi? That's extremely frustrating..
  7. youre telling me.. tunneling 5k into nether is far from fun
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  8. I've just made it and I needed about 3 pairs of pants along the way due to some close calls... Good amount of skellies though.
  9. y=118 is your friend in the nether.. just fyi. for all of you nether spelunkers out there
  10. iSmooch, why can't we just do a wild reset?
  11. The mob spawning changes we have make this a lot easier, More constant flow of spawns.
  12. Because that would be useless and unneeded.
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  13. no, you wouldn't have to travel out so far to get these new things
  14. Exactly, More of a challenge, This would cause alot more trouble than good
  15. because people have things in the wild. This also makes the new things a little bit more valuable. Which is nice to have some things to raise the economy a little :p
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  16. There's still loads of black area around to explore to find things.
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  17. After about 12 hours in SP I have gotten dis many! :D
  18. Of course - They stack in stacks of 64 ACHOO not
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  19. YOU SIR HAVE LIED TO ME. There's no health/exp bar in that picture, clearly you're in creative mode :p
  20. i only just got my blaze spawners sorted id would not like a wild re set