3 server is needed! Also an idea! :)

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  1. There are many, many, many times that smp1 and smp2 are both full, and i'm forced to do something different. If whats his name, the guy who posts all the stuff in home has already said something, im sorry. Its just annoying. I have another idea!! :) (this ones a good one(i think)). There is another server(like arena) that is seperate. It has a small "town". 10 to 30 reses in each. Everyone has a job, such as blacksmith, weaver, dye-er, warrior, knight, and regular citizen. There will be many towns scattered around a world like wasteland(just without major griefing in the beginnig). PvP everywhere. Many will get on the server to kill. I know that! And i know that many people wont like "factions". Just think about it. Thank You! :)
  2. If you want another server then have you ever thought about being a supporter for EMC? Servers cost money! If they were free I'm sure Justin would have about 20 servers running right now.
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  3. Just an FYI. The current server could actually handle a 3rd. SMP3. SMP1 and 2 are both on the same physical server.

    But yeah. if you spend $5 a month, you can play whenever the hell you want...server downtime excluded.
  4. SMP3 is being reserved for Utopia. ;)
  5. Irrelevant.
  6. I am aware that smp3 would be helpful :) currently I am just focusing on the Minecraft release this weekend. Once that it is all settled we can start talking about more servers. And yes utopia is also coming soon (sometime after the Minecraft update) :)
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