3 Res Wide Hotel - SCOLO.CORP

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  1. Hi guys!
    So our Company SCOLO.Corp are making a 3 maybe 4 res wide hotel and need a HECK of a lot of sponsors. Currently we have received 1k from various sponsors including Faithcaster and GotFreshCookies. For each 100r you donate you receive 1 sign advert per residence so 4 ads (THIS IS PERMANENT) Also Donations are happily accepted :D
    And Queue no one replying :D
  2. What server is it on? Maybe I can donate :D
  3. Sorry Should Have included that :p 1213, 1313 And 1212 On Smp1
  4. Wow so 3 or 4 residents of just 1 hotel? haha that sounds to be an amazing hotel. Ill have to check it out when your done with it. :D
  5. I'll donate 1k.
    Do you need residences? I have an alt who hasn't claimed a /home yet. If possible I could get one in the area.
    I'll talk to you about it sometime
  6. you are gunna need 4res long-30-40k 3res 20-30k(for building on roads)

    That's what I need on my mall (not finished yet)(my sig has the res)
  7. No, you can build above the roads at level 128 and up. You need to pay the Senior Staff only if you want to build ON the roads.
  8. I know, I have a platform up above 128, im not dumb
  9. That was a little rude. I never implied that you were dumb. Also, he never said anything about connecting them on the roads. He could just have a hallway connecting the residencies above 128.
  10. Ooh thanks :D didnt thonk of that.

    Also could any donaters give the rupees to eolosti. Cheers.
  11. I know you never said I was Dumb