3 layer xp farm and growing (What should I improve.)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Frodomann1, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Just went from level 1 to level 30 in 15 minutes!
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  2. Need to make the bottom out of obsidian for creeper explosions. Looks good though. :)
  3. GOOD IDEA!!! man i didnt think of that :D
  4. Can I know where it is? My suggestion is make it slighlty bigger (the place where they fall to) so skeletons are able to shoot creepers for records.
  5. you gotta get me over ther
  6. Records... pftt dont really care about em and for now the location is secret to keep greifers away. You can see my old one on smp3 on the east out post
    it got SUPER GREIFED alot so I moved far far far away
  7. Could you PM me the coords? I would really love to use it! I will pay 1k to know where it is
  8. Well as you are a well known member I believe I can trust you...
  9. Thanks for the coords!
  10. put a layer of sand on the roof so it blends in on the live map
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  11. I got told where this was a few days back :D
  12. looks nice! like nmanly said, make it obsidian for creeper blasts. is it at the full 23 blocks? if you make the fall higher then you can hit them and kill them with your hands. thats all i can offer.
  13. I considered that and will probably do so and importer great idea I will work on that asap nmanly I tried to obsidian thing but I didn't have enough lol :D
  14. also so you dont use as much obsidian put half slabs.creepers can't blow them up
  15. creepers can blow up half-slabs. trust me, i just had taht experience a few minutes ago in SSP. :p
  16. Nice! I would definaltey use the idea of sand on the roof, I see you have a melon farm good idea.. Um definatley locked chests to keep your stuff safe. Other than that Good job dude!
  17. in my ssp i use them and tons of creeps blow up.i never had the slabs go BOOM.