3 DC's of stone value

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  1. What is 3 DC's of stone worth?
  2. hmm I would guess around 10k-15k depending what the demand is on a server..
  3. Stone bricks? 3 Dc's?
  4. 3Dc
  5. How much for 3 Dc of stone bricks?
  6. Probably the same as what Dwight said. Considering Bricks are equal to Stone.
  7. Scratch what I last said. Stone is probably worth more because it can be crafted in a bunch of recipes. About 15k for stone, maybe 10-12k for stone brick.
  8. I think 15k is a reasonable price for 3DCs of Smooth Stone :)
  9. I would think 3.8k each DC

    EDIT : Of Smooth Stone

    EDIT : Stone Brick would be like 3k per DC

    EDIT : Just focus on not the edits .-.

    EDIT : I meant the Smooth Stone
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  10. Darnit.....I crafted all my smooth stone into bricks. >.<