2X dcs if Nether Brick Blocks <3

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  1. Item: _Nether Brick
    Starting Bid: _3.500r
    Minimum Bid Increment: _500r
    Auction Ending Time: _48 hours after the auction is posted

    Greetings from Red Fox Bulk Co.
    We are back in action, and are working on the first auction of the week!
    today we offer Nether brick Blocks (Not Bricks)
    Lets see how well this goes!!

    Best of luck to every bidder!!!

    ~Red Fox Bulk Co~
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  2. Evenin Bumpage!
  3. Morning bump /sigh :(!
  4. hey do wood next!
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  5. Nismo wins this auction!
    Pick-up is at 7174 Follow the sandstone pathway, and you will find your auction :)

    Stay tuned for more auctions From RedFox Bulk Co.