2634 Restaurant/Hotel/Shop and 756 Resort

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    2634 Restaurant/Hotel/Shop and 756 Resort: Coming Soon!
    Looking for a place to stay, a place to eat, or a place to shop? Come to 2634, my residence!
    On the first floor we have the restaurant with inside seats for 8r per meal and outside seats for 6r per meal. We have friendly employees who will serve you almost any food in Minecraft including water and milk.
    On the second floor (turquoise teleport) we have the hotel with great rooms. You can get the regular rooms for 20r/week and the deluxe for 25r/week (only 1 deluxe left!). We also have room service for 30r/week and food service for 35r/week.
    On the third floor (blue teleport) we have the small shop that is growing by the week. We have misc. items, and we don't plan to change that ;). With that we also have the party/special event room. We just currently had a birthday party held there, and plan to have another one in early March.

    After 2634, Looking for a place to relax? Coming Soon: The 756 Resort, at ThePieNinja3000's residence (but build by minecraftgirl30 :))!
    So far, the entrance has been built with the wall surrounding it close to being done. Membership costs 20r (access to the resort forever), minirooms costs 12r (small rooms; if you want bigger ones go to 2634), and a 1-day stay costs 8r.
    I need help with the floor, which is about 100 blocks needing to be destroyed and 100 birch wood planks needing to replace them (hint hint ;)). So if you need a job, private message me! I REALLY need that done so that I can build on top of it. I'm willing to pay 150r for whoever does it (diamond spade supplied). You don't need to bring anything other than yourself and some patience!
    If you have any suggestions, please private message me when I'm online. So far some have been to make it underwater, to have a swirly slide, and to have a "Cookie Waterpark." We'll see ;).

    I really need some help with the upcoming resort on 756. Rupees, items, and physical help is needed, so if you are willing to donate, please private message me. (Items needed: birch logs/planks, glass). Thank you! If you have questions, suggestions, or anything else, please post a comment/question or pm me on SMP1!

    -MCGirl30 (minecraftgirl30) from SMP1, Empire Minecraft

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  2. Any more screenshots?
  3. Yes! Sorry, please see the latest pictures on my newest thread called "756 Resort - Recent Pics and News"