2634 Remodeling: HELP WANTED

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  1. Hey EMC! :D minecraftgirl30 from SMP1 here (call me MCgirl). Think YOU can help? ------------>
    I'm remodeling my res (2634: Hotel, Cafe, Shop) on SMP1 for the billionth time . . . but i'm DESTROYING everything instead of reseting my residence because i have sooooo much storage on it! I am, however, keeping the hotel, cafe, and shop idea (i'm just expanding the business).

    One player* destroying everything is a lot of work! Luckily i'm happy to say that i have an amazing community of EMC players around me :). Here are some jobs you can participate in to help:
    - Donate rupees! Rupees can help me buy supplies i REALLY need! (payable to: minecraftgirl30)
    (pay rupees by /r pay minecraftgirl30 [rupee amount. example: 100000]
    - Donate items! Items such as smooth sandstone, stone slabs, and food are major needed items, but anything is appreciated! ;) (minecraftgirl30 is usually on SMP1)
    - Suggest stuff and leave comments! I want YOU to enjoy 2634, so tell me YOUR thoughts so that I know how to make it a great place for you! You can comment on this thread OR tell me (again, MCgirl is usually on SMP1) by typing /tell minecraftgirl30 [message. ex: FREE COOKIES!!!!] into the EMC chat!
    - Donate time! You can work on clearing my residence or building it up (sorry, no pay. I'm trying to save rupees :(). Tools and supplies are usually ready for you! Ask minecraftgirl30 by typing /tell minecraftgirl30 [message] on Empire Minecraft SMP1!

    Thanks for reading this EMC - please consider my "jobs."

    *Special thanks to SheBomb (a close friend of mine) who donated time: she helped take down some of my residence for no pay. :)
    *Special thanks to Jeremy_Gutspear who helped me consider a residence design.