2345 - Grand Opening Deals! Stone, Diamonds, Redstone, Lava, Coal, Iron, More...

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  1. My aim is to have a shop that's the perfect balance between large and small. I aim to have all the most commonly needed items in large quantities, however keep things small and simple to create an efficient and lag-free shopping experience!

    The current big deal is stone at 49r/stack, which you can use to build whatever giant structures you desire on your residence cheaply and easily.

    Post below if there is a specific item you'd like to see on store shelves or if you want a job helping me stock!
  2. Glass/stnclay would be nice.
    And I can supply if you want.
    Also, I used to own 2345 :p
  3. Sure I would appreciate your help as I'm already sold out of most things. We should talk via PM with your exact offer details. (How much glass, how often, etc...) I can probably employ you full time if the price is right.