231 days later.... Ask me stuff!

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  1. Ello guys and gals!
    So, since everyone is doing this.... And I don't wanna be left out :).

    Please ask me questions and I will do the best to answer it :)!
  2. Why do you have such a spooky-looking avatar?
  3. Yeah why is you profile pic of a girl but you are a guy?
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  4. favorite color?
  5. why are you a green person from the sandy universe
  6. Hmmm.... It's really just a bit of my desktop wallpaper. If you guys hate it... I could change it!
  7. I dunno its getting kinda old.
  8. Rainbow.... My other mw3 account is double_rainbow :p
  9. I am!?
  10. oh no its DogsRNice!!!!!:eek:
  11. Time for more sleep, I will be back soon!
  12. Why does Fermat's last theriom work? (I know, I know. Totally off topic, but still fun to ask. =P)
  13. I don't know why! But i am sure that he stated that
    n + n = z^n :p. Please tell me why!
  14. Where do you prefer to spend your time in town or wild or nether? If wild, which biome do you prefer?
  15. Wild, swamp biome!
  16. Swarm biome?
  17. Actually, the pythagorein theirom is a^2+b^=c^2. Fermats last theirom is that for a^n, b^n and c^n, it will not work if n does not equal 2. Just to let you know.
  18. I don't hate it. I would just think of you as being less creepy. ;)
  19. Hmmmm.... My Profile picture is 233 days old... I will miss you 4ever :(
  20. Wow, what a difference! :D