[2222] MegaMall Smp1 :DD

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  1. Hello Everyone and i am the owner of 2222 MegaMall. My partner yankees518 present to you our new and improved Mall! So far we have a lot done. The main thing/only thing we need is stock. I have to give a big thx to the people who helped out in the building process and donations.

    Top Donation's
    RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 - 80,000r
    Battmeghs - 50,000
    Faithcaster - 10,000

    Move is on for everyone to come check it out. Thank you for your time. Also any donations would help we have a big room for all donations! :D. We appreciate it and i hope this Mall can help many :)

    Some screenshots
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  2. It looks like the top says: "ZZZZ"
    good job btw.
  3. LOL And thank you :)
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  4. Awesome will pay a visit to your mall!!! good luck :)
  5. Bump :)

    Any donations for some stock are needed!! :) donation room is looking way to empty!!
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