2154 Tree Farm

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  1. Hello, I have built a whole res tree farm with more layers soon to come at 2154...

    Currently, price for entry is 5,000r.

    I have done some calculations, and if you mine there for 10 mins with a diamond axe, you can make 2k, so 12k every hour if you sell to 413! so within 30 minutes, you will earn your money back!

    But seeing that this has just opened I will be lowering the price...
    5,000r - 3,000r!

    This offer only lasts for 3 days, so get buying!

    Here are the rules...
    1. ALLWAYS replant!
    2. ONLY replant oak!
    3. ONLY break wood
    4. If you have started to chop down a tree, you must finish it! (even big ones)
    5. No taking advantage of the exchanges

    If you are to break one of these rules, you will be removed from res immediately with no refund!

    Here are some more detailed features...
    1. Axe, Bone meal exchange
    2. (obvious) Tree farm
    3. Sapling trades
    4. Ultra cheap price
    5. good lighting

    Here are some projects to be added to the res in the future...
    1. All types of farm
    2. Free sheering
    3. Small cheap convenience store

    This is well worth the money, limited amounts of passes to be sold, get buying!

    To buy, post a comment, pay me the rupees and I will do it as soon as I can (soon)!
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  2. I'll buy one! :D
  3. i will!
  4. I will buy one
  5. What's
    5. No taking advantage of the exchanges
  6. there are exchange chests, like 413's ingots/gems thing!
  7. Remember, keep replanting!
  8. This place is AWESOME :D

    I bought a pass :D
  9. I'll buy one
  10. unsquarable bought a pass
  11. I bought one!
  12. tedrocker, bought pass
  13. I dont mean to rain on everyones parade, but there is a maximum number of people this can handle. Obviously one cant easily figure it out, but the more people who buy "passes", the less wood you get and the longer you have to wait. Its just how these type of farms work.
  14. there is limited passes... layer of trees will be increasing soon too!
  15. last chance for 3k membership!
  16. You should note that in the description, that as more people join, more layers will be added.
  17. I would like to join
  18. Hi, on holiday atm...
    Please post a comment below this one, pay me the rupees and I will get on very soon!