20K Members :D

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  1. Just saw the EMC has over 20k members :D

    Post what you think is the best improvement to the Empire since you joined EMC?
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  2. This made their Facebook page! :p
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  3. The new eggifictation! And /report
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  4. I think you guys should give some free rupees to EVERYBODY : P
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  5. 2k rupees

    Cause we got 1k rupees for 10k members
  6. This need 7000 likes :p
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  7. Best i've ever saw on EMC servers since i first logged in:
    xD - Leaving jokes (and ego) behind:
    Wilderness reset and /report.
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  8. I think the best improvement since I joined the empire was the additions of smp2,3,4,5,6, and Utopia.

    Yes, I have been a member since smp1...
  9. same I joined when there was still arena.empireminecraft.com and main.empireminecraft.com xD and I lived in the wild
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  10. Best improvement is player shops (at the beginning there way only the empire shop no others)
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  11. Wait patiently for your beloved rupees, as you will get them when the Empire reaches 100000 members!
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  12. Not trying to be rude but sadly:
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  13. The reward for the 20k members is likes for every1 :D
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  14. Yey likes :D now onlt 4 off Well-Known Member :p
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  15. Post rando things (Not spam :I) but anything relevant or just a Woot or something and ill like it :D
  16. I'm not trying to be rude either, but That's 1/5 of all minecraft players...=P
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  17. indeed xD I believe Justin should change that number a bit :p
  18. Wow I would have to say the best addition since i have been on here is the ever growing community. Each and every single "[xyz] has joined the Empire" brings one more person, one more personality, more ingenuity, and more imagination proving that Minecraft and EMC provides a source to have fun and Express yourself! After 70 fun days on this server Justin, Jeremy and EVERYONE has been adding to the server and making it better!
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  19. I think Justin just might be over thinking himself... :p
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