2021 Staff Head Thread, Acquisition and Prices

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Do you collect staff heads?

Yes 36 vote(s) 53.7%
No 14 vote(s) 20.9%
maybe I will 17 vote(s) 25.4%
  1. Interest in heads seems to have dropped a bit and thus prices it seems. Last known prices to me were davie at 1-1.5 mil and Shaun maybe around 100k
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  2. Thank you for taking this over while I was away! Glad to see this resource is still available to the community!
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  3. I have a a Kloned head. It's his 2018 christmas head. It says "Secret Santa 2018" . I don't know how much it's worth. So if anyone here knows. Please reply.
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  4. I'm pretty sure it's his alts head KlonedInc just renamed. Run it through an anvil and see for yourself.
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  5. This is technically correct, I have ran mine through an anvil a few months ago. It is his alt, KlonedInc's head
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  6. Sold a ThaKloned head for 200kr
    Sold a JesusPower2 head for 299,160r
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  7. Big__Kev messaged me to let me know that just_five_fun had an alt by the name of a_little_fun
    Will add this and work on updating known alts into the mix.

    If anyone has more information regarding staff alts, please let us know :)
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  8. It was brought to my attention that a_little_fun has actually been a family member of just_five_fun for several years, so not adding to the lists as an alt.
    However if anyone has concrete information of any staff Alts (current or previous) please share with us.

    Lists have been slightly updated to place Alts and previous names in a more orderly fashion :)
  9. There are zero callmetower heads in circulation when that was a previous name. The alt I have that is callmetower has a different color but same skin design as AncientTower and that I give out for free. There are something like 150 of those heads I’ve given out.
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  10. corrected
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