2018 Reindeer: Comet has Arrived!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Comet flew in this morning after helping to deliver presents, and after a long day's rest, is now available for you to claim for your very own! They aren't as fast as Dasher, and can't jump quite as high as Rudolph, but they are perfectly balanced between as one of the fastest reindeer in the series, with some impressive stats.

    Type /promo comet to claim! (available until at least New Years Day)

    We hope you all had a wonderful day and continue to have a very Happy Holidays!
    (There's more coming in the following days)
  2. Awesome, Thank you !!!
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  3. This is amazing! Another horse to add to my collection!
  4. Congratulations on typoing the colour code.

    Here to more typos for 2019!
  5. i was wondering about that...
  6. It was right before I added soulbound, lol. They always said Comet was a little derpy :confused:
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  7. is it going to be fixed?
  8. Aww yee I guessed ut
  9. The Comet finally makes his debut 1 day late XD Thanks for this tho :p
  10. Will they be available in shopworld?

    Also, they spawn as Dark Brown, not brown, which is the traditional reindeer color. A bug?
  11. Yay, awesome, thank ya fellow krysyy for this promo, Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year fellow people on emc!!!
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  12. No, and intended.
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  13. May i ask why not?
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  14. Very nice, thank you!
  15. It's not really possible to correct all of the items server-wide once some have been claimed. So instead, we will embrace the derpiness and go forth!
  16. I wonder what will happen once we run out of reindeer. :D
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  17. Thought you died

    Anyway, when will santa become a promo himself?
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  18. As much as I’d want one didn’t aikar some how change all the damaged Marlix bows
  19. Yay!! I'm so excited to add Comet to my collection of EMC Christmas horses... I mean, REINDEER :D

  20. The marlex bow is a coded item. Those we can change if we have to, but it's a lot of work.