2015 UK Elections coverage!

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  1. Hello, and this will be the temp. elections thread for the next few hours.
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  3. *watches thread
    *goes to sleep
    *opens thread in the morning

    Thanks for the thread! :)
  4. I am not a UK resident, but I hope your Conservatives party is elected for PM (not sure how the process works tbh). That Labour leader seems like a total nutjob, even without the carved stone he egotistically had made for himself.
  5. Interesting. I bet because you're not in the UK that's how your media outlets have represented him. Read anything owned by Rupert Murdoch? That's probably why. All the UK newspapers he owns has been slamming him, mainly because Cameron allows Murdoch to do whatever he wants and Milliband wants to intervene. While not perfect and certainly not liked by everyone, Miliband is not too bad. He's a alright guy really. I'd rather have him than Cameron. The whole carving the stone thing is not really egotistical, well not really how the British public view it anyway. Just goes to show the power of the media. (That's my opinion anyway)
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  6. I have been trying to only read things from the UK, not sure if it is owned by Murdoch though.
  7. He owns The Sun, The Times and Sunday times. Maybe some others too. There are probably some other non-murdoch papers against Miliband too. Obviously depends on your interpretation as well, for example I viewed Mitt Romney as a bit of a loon, but that's just what I saw. Pro tip, just avoid all our tabloid newspapers, they're all a load of shit.
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  8. The Tories are a bunch of dicks who think that London is the entirety of the United Kingdom, and that there isn't a north England (the counties within what used to be Mercia, Northumbria, etc.), Wales and Scotland they have to care for too. North and South England, Wales and Scotland have radically different political views, but since the majority of the UK lives in London and its surrounding area, those of us who don't live there can't get what we need. The city I was born in and its surrounding area still has damage left there that was done in World War 2, because the Tories don't care about it. They didn't do anything about the slums and inequality that were there until the 80s when riots broke out and people got killed, and were off defending the long-dead British Empire (which is why I don't actually consider it gone) against Argentina on the other side of the world.

    I'd honestly prefer Labour over the Tories (I dislike a lot of things about them both, by the way, but still: Labour -> Tories). At least they actually want things that can make life a little bit easier up here - and to be honest, I have not heard a single person voice their support for the Conservatives up here. The UK is a very socialist country too, and the Conservatives aren't very socialist. I want the NHS to become the amazing thing it was when it was founded instead of the crippled thing it is now - Labour will do that, I'm sure.

    Ed Miliband is also a nicer guy than David Cameron (who used his dead child to get sympathy points, like the sick twisted man he is).

    I'm just praying the predicted polls aren't true - even if it meant a Tory-Labour coalition :/

    EDIT: I'd also like to add that the only good thing the Tories have done in the past 5 years is legalise Same-Sex marriage - and even then, they made stupid statements like 'this is going to lead to a lesbian Queen!'.

    ANOTHER EDIT: The Tories also want kids to have 10+ hour schooldays and shorter school holidays. Its bad enough as it is with 7 hours >.>
  9. I bet that one guy...whatshisname...is going to win...
    I don't follow UK elections xD
    Who do you guys want to win?
  10. I follow US elections (I want Hillary Clinton to win next year :p) :3

    Ed Miliband/Labour, because David Cameron/Tories are stupids, and Nick Clegg/Liberal Democrats have no chance at winning now because of the crap they've pulled over the past 5 years :rolleyes:

    And also not Nigel Farage/UKIP, because they have nice policies but they're a bunch of racists and sexists and they make the most inconsistent statements ever.
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  11. Bump cus this is important to me lel.
  12. Sounds like none of your parties are any good lol (something we have in common?).
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  13. Well we have UKIP... they're a crap party, but they'd make a damn good reality TV show
  14. They have some good policies, but they'd sink the UK if they ever came into power.

    If the exit polls are right (which I hope they aren't), we're heading for another Tory-Lib Dem coalition :c

    The SNP is also killing it out there :p

    I'd be a fan of a Labour-SNP coalition :3
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  15. The US can not handle 3 Democratic Presidents in a row, and Hillary Clinton is the last person I want in office, I think she's worst than Obama xD
  16. Welcome everyone to another pathetic Conservative government.
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  17. Out of curiosity, as someone not living in America, what's bad about Obama? He seems like a genuinely good President with good intentions but perhaps too limited resources to make his policies work out
  18. Adding onto AlexChance comment we have to give Obama some gratitude myself not a American citizen i think he has done some splendid things for the US also note that he was Americas first black president
  19. The Scottish shot themselves in the foot by not voting Labour. If they hadn't voted SNP and voted Labour, they wouldn't now be under a Tory government who doesn't, and never will, give a toss about them.

    I'd also like to thank Ed Miliband for refusing a Labour-SNP Coalition. If he hadn't done that, he'd be Prime Minister right now - and a better one than David Cameron.

    Welcome to another five years of a terrible center-right-wing government, Britain. Kiss your European Union membership goodbye, expect those of us who are poor to get even poorer, and those rich people down south to get richer than they already are. This new Tory government also means another five years of seeing sausage-face ruling the country :)


    Roll on, 2020.

    "If I was a Tory, and I had a bar of chocolate and had to share it between everyone, I'd give the entire thing to one person." - My tutor :p

    What's wrong with Obama? To those of us not living in America, he seems like a good President, but he can't do what he wants because of how poor the American political system is. Plus, if Hilary Clinton doesn't win, then Obama's own party will be removing all of the things he fought for to bring at least some equality to the American LGBT communities - which is really bad.