[2015] EMC Rewind!

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  1. EMC REWIND 2015
    What has EMC published in just 2015?
    On Feb. 14th We got a promo, The Cupids bundle!
    On the 15th, we got a frontier spawn update!
    And finally in February, on the 22nd, we finished the Justin guy tribute!
    Later on April we hit our BIGGEST milestone yet! 300,000 Players!
    In May we got the 1.8 update thanks to our killer dev team!
    Later in May, we got /itemhistory and repair costs!
    Then in June, we gained residence sub flags!
    Next in July MrSocks75 joined the dev team, permission groups were added, and we celebrated our 4th Anniversary!
    In August we got event leader boards, new titles and trophies, EMC got the name change update and BreezyMan joined the dev team!
    Finally, we got new Mini boss changes and the Friend update!

    I plan on making one of these every year. Please PM me ANY THING I have missed with the suffix "[Rewind]" before your title because I have missed alot.

    Hope to see you all next year!
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  2. You forgot fBuilderS logging on =P
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