[2015 Edition] Wilderness Run!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about an event! So, it's called the "Wilderness Run"! It's where me and a group of people get together, and we go to the wilderness! Down below is all of the information you'll need to know about the event! Please read :).
    Hosted By: HelloKittyRo
    HelloKittyRo's Wilderness Run Event Information:
    Time: Every Friday, or Wednesday, at 5:00 EMC Time.
    Who: Anyone can join! You'll be invited to a group called "HelloKittyRo's Group"!
    Where: The server (SMP) location will be released before it starts. We have no idea were it's gonna be yet.
    What: This is a thing we do to bring a group of people together and have fun! Also, we do this to go mining, go into the wilderness, and build! PvPing is not aloud or you'll be kicked from the group.
    Why: FOR FUN!!

    Things to Remember:
    You need to bring your own gear, we don't supply you with any. No PvPing, or you'll be kicked from the group. Make sure you look in the first comment to see more information! (Click here) Bring food, and make sure you bring extra to share! (It's nice. C'mon you know it is!!) All of the EMC Rules still apply while running the event. And.. best of all.. have fun!
    (If you don't understand the Event, PM HelloKittyRo for more help)

    The day Event is being hosted: Monday, July 27th, 2015. (Today)
    List of people that have kindly hosted the Event:
    Me, of course. HelloKittyRo
  2. More Event Information:
    If you'd like to be invited to the group, do /tell HelloKittyRo Please invite me, I'd like to join your group! And she'll invite you. Also, anyone can invite other players to join! Also, we'll not mine the Wilderness, we're mining in the outpost. (As toto_style123 said) Also, if you don't understand the event, please PM HelloKittyRo. (As said in the Thread) Also, sometimes HelloKittyRo will be looking for other players to host the event!! Be a helping hand and help HelloKittyRo do the event! (Your name will be sponsored in the Thread) Also, the Event may be hosted on different days. Not just Friday and Wednesday.
    More will be added soon if needed!
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