2014 New Tutorial Easter Egg 10/10 Spoilers!

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    Do not read on unless you have put in the time! I recommend you try to search for them as you wont ever have the chance to feel that joy of finding them for yourself EVER! You can't UNSEE them!

    In case you're struggling, but you don't want to be flat out told, I'll put in a hint before spoiling the locations. =]

    First off, all the easter eggs are initiated with a stone button.



    There is a button eye level in the blue hard clay pillar.
    -44, 66, 16

    #2 (Only one I gave up looking for xD) (Mr_Zulus helped me)

    Questionable corners

    In the first question rooms look in the corners at level height, you'll notice a dark corner. There is a hidden button. Can't believe they put one in a question room... lol...


    Cure for dehydration.

    There is a fountain with a hole in the lapis right outside the entry. Fall down the ladder.
    -38, 57, -207


    Door behind the Greek Man

    The big house in the back, go down stairs and there is a door behind a painting. Jump up and through the painting. If the door is closed than youll have to break a block to open the door to get past it. Otherwise youll need a mod.
    -22, 57, -343


    What goes up must come down.

    This is one is a little walking. Go to the glass "Stairs to the surface" tower, go up the wood winding staircase, eventually youll pass webs, need to jump off the cliff on to tracks, and eventually you'll find a minecart holding a chest. Right above it is a button.


    Follow the gold, take over the planet, than orbit the tree.

    On the black glass look at
    25 64 -589
    youll see a button- thats not the easter egg.
    Go behind the gold blocks and drop to the planet, press the button.
    You'll be TP'd to another area.
    Walk along the wall till you find a stair case in the black wool. Take the vines near the stair case to get to the next floor. Walk around and you'll eventually find the button.



    Inbetween /waste /spawn you'll see a hole and ladder... go down it... yea its easy you probably have it.

  2. Great. found all.

    about number 2 (well.. it was shown to me :D)

    Cornered by questions.

    Look in the first two question rooms of the tutorial at the dark corners. There is button in one of them.

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  3. The number 4 issue should be fixed with the next update reboot
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  4. I always use signs for my ninja trix ;)
  5. Wow no wonder... I thought they were all in the info rooms -_-
  6. lol exactly =)
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  7. so now we have to do the unofficial ones
  8. I looked at this thread hoping to find button number 6. I've been looking for 40 minutes and still haven't found it.
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  9. Just to confirm, the "unofficial" easter eggs aren't actual items but just hidden areas or signs right?
  10. Number 6 is horrible!

    I'm not sure how to hide text/do a spoiler to give more info.
  11. Almost a walkthrough for 6:

    x is -25, not 25. You'll see the button on the grass. If you fall down you can teleport back up to the top.
    When you get to the new room its really dark and hard to see the staircase. Climb up some vines to get to the first level. Wandering around the first level you'll be able to find the top of the staircase more easily. You then need to go up again by climbing vines. At the very top you'll see the button.
  12. Can anyone answer this /\ ?
    Also, the title says 10/10, but I see 7 spoilers in the OP... what am I missing?
  13. lol it's the date. =p

    And the thing about "unofficial" things is they arent confirmed, and they arbitrary.
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  14. The "unofficial" ones I found are in the larger areas, two are where the enraged mobs are and one is in the cave mining area. Pretty sure you'll need some enderpearls to find the latter.
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