2014 Labor Bench

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  1. Item: 2014 Labor Bench
    Starting Bid:1r
    Minimum Bid Increase:500r
    Auction End: 1 Hour After Last Bid
    Location: 3046-Smp2

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  2. You should really change the min bid increase.
  3. You will probably get spammed with bids each going up by 1r
  4. Minimum Bid Increase Changed To 500r
  5. You cannot change this after bids have started, you may be able to ask Staff to change this though.

    Also, this should be posted under Community Auctions, not under Products and Services. I'll report the post to Staff so they can move it for you or alternatively tell you what to do next with the auction. :)
  6. alright, thank you
  7. Moved thread, and since the bid has been going up greater than 100r and 500r in this time, I'll allow the current info in the OP to be valid (500r min increase).
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.