2014 Cupid items price check

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Insanity42, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Wanted to double check if these prices seem sound. Everything is unused.

    • 2014 Cupid's Bow: 35k
    • 2014 Cupid's Arrows (per stack): 3k
    • 2014 Cupid spawn egg: 15k
  2. 2014 Cupid's Bow is probably about 10k now, seeing as how the 2015 version was exactly the same and you cannot differentiate them. As for the Cupid Spawn Egg and Cupid's Arrows, they were released in 2015, not 2014... I think you got your dates mixed up. Cupid Spawn Eggs go for about 30k, the Arrows are about right, 2-3k per stack I'd say.
  3. No, I am just still stuck in 2014 for some reason, and its March too. These were all from this year.
  4. They were all from this year but the Cupid's Bow was the promo for 2014 too. The prices are currently in the ballpark of what I mentioned in my above post though.