2013 EMC commuinity build contest

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mitharis, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. I'm fairly new to the world of mincraft and i love it i have quit playing WOW for this game and i was playing that game for seven years.

    This thread is to ask the Moderators or whom ever is in charge of EMC to have a contest for the best build in the EMC universe.

    There would be rules like has to be a new build starting January 1 2013 until say DEC 31 2013 different category's like:
    -best wild build
    -best town build
    -best community build
    -best single player build
    Of course Im missing some categorys, but I'm just trying to get something like this incorporated to show off the EMC talent.
    An idea for prizes could be that the individuals or community builders all pay rupees to get into the contest and the pot would get divided from there with hop that EMC would throw some incentives in as well .
    Please respond to my post and add on to it hopefully this idea can come to life and we could see some better ideas from the one i have posted.
    Thank you for your time.
  2. The moderators will not usually do things like this, but if you want to host this yourself you are able to. This sounds like a really cool project and would be a good turnout.
  3. i would support and join this effort i have some epic builds and also looking to add more notches to my belt
  4. There has already been one of these, a year ago and started by ISMOOCH :) Unfortunately he's probably a bit busy with the planned live stream but maybe another mod will be willing, or a member can do it :)