200th day on EMC & Introduce myself & My 400th day playing minecraft

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  1. Hello EMC,

    Today is my 200th day on EMC (something like that, I've lost count, anyone mind doing /p pateraterick). EMC has definitely changed alot since August last year, it has grown from around about 1000 members when i joined, to 35000 members now! And today is also my 400th day playing minecraft, so i decide to introduce myself further!

    Im semi-asian
    -studying in high school
    -loves maths & history
    -loves playing L.O.L and Minecraft
    -loves playing soccer, rugby & badminton
    -enjoy reading
    -speak 4 languages
    -hates english & science
    is my favourite minecraft quote of all time! :)

    About EMC
    -My res is on 4090 @ smp2
    -I earn most of my rupees by auctions & selling stuff to leowaste
    -An ex-iron supporter
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  2. I hate Science too.
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  3. I hate the English ^^ trolol
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  4. I want to hate something too :(
  5. Pick me, pick meee!!!
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  6. No. :p