200th Day Drop Party and givaway!

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Will you be able to come?

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Sure thing! 3 vote(s) 21.4%
Yes, i can make it! 6 vote(s) 42.9%
Yes! 2 vote(s) 14.3%
No 5 vote(s) 35.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey guys, The 13th is my 200th day! I will be planning a drop party with 2 Dc+ Worth of items. I will also be giving away all the rupees and items i receive in donations, plus a extra 3k from myself.
    The drop party will be at 1944, Smp 1, 3:30 pm on the 13th. The rupees giveaway winner will be announced at 4:00 pm, There will be 100 slots for you to enter. Anyone found using a second/third/fourth and so on account will be disqualified. Please do not complain if you do not get anything from the drop party!There will be one of my heads included, and there is only a couple of them out there. Please come, it's not my 200th day every day!
    Lots of fun times at at the party, Rosy2696
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  2. What timezone are you in?
    17 please?
  3. 69 plox
    Can we please have some more detailed information?
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  4. happy 200 days, 89 please! :)
  5. happy 200 days, 4 please!
  6. Happy 200th! 26 please :D
    I was wondering the same thing...
  7. Happy 200th 25 please!
  8. Happy 200th EMC day! I'll take number 7 but I won't be able to make it to the event due to family events :/
  9. C
    can we please know what timezone because if you don't tell us that we won't be
    able to come 3 Plz and happy 200
  10. Happy 200 days and more to come 18 please
  11. Congrats, but what timezone?
  12. Congrats, 28 plz
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  13. Ill take the majestic number 47. Happy 200 days! Over halfway to a year ;)
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  14. Sorry guys, i forgot to say the time zone. It's 3:30 EST, and 4:00 EST :)
  15. I'll be there :)
  16. 54 or 45 or... 16 or 42 ^.^
  17. Pick one, gap. All of those are free for the taking, but you can only have one.
  18. I'm sorry, 3 is taken
    Pick a differnt number
  19. If you would like to donate Items, please do to 1944, and drop them into the hopper. If you would like to donate R, please do /r pay rosy2696 (number of r)