200th Day Birthday!

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How long have you been a member?

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  1. 200 Days on Empire, It has been a wild ride, Now I will tell you a story. . . .

    When I first joined Empire was when I was first starting multiplayer, I had never played a multiplayer server before (Two Years) And Empire Minecraft was the first server I looked at (And by god was it a good choice) When I went on the server It told me to come to the website and all that good stuff, I created my account and went on, Thought the tutorial I didn't know about the Empire Guide online, So I had to guess every single answer (Only getting 2 wrong) When I got out of the tutorial I was gingerly smashing my keyboard doing "Hi Everybody, I'm new :)" As I looked around spawn for a house, Is when I met Wowbits, My first friend, So I snuck up to him and said Hello, And I moved afew residences from his house (SMP4) I make a castle wall and made a well for my sheep, That escaped and I tried pushing her into the well but it didn't work as planned (I didn't know how to use wheat :]. . . ) So I asked someone if they could help me heard my sheep, That's when I became friend with Strawberrys13. When she helped me I asked her the day after If she wanted to help me have a sheep shop (Before Mobs eggs were introduced) So I would sell the sheep and split the money with straw, Then we would deliver the sheep ourselves if the buyer didn't want to pay extra for delivery, After that had died down Was when my first sheep Drowned. . . .It was very sad, So I made a funeral, And that's when I met Zoroarc86 (Who was banned Unfairly) We started hanging out and playing and building together :) After he was banned (Unfairly) He told me to get Steam so we could talk and play on some other servers. Me and strawberrys would have fun adventuring caves and whatnot. . . . Then everyone I knew disappeared off the servers and I was lonely. . .I still am by the way. . . . . So I packed my home up and moved around the servers alot (In-Game Depressed) Until I bought my friend a Minecraft account and we played together. . .But that ended too. So I moved back to my home . . .And so here I am today on the 200th day mark of empire :) I'm glad I didn't leave and I'm still having fun all by myself . . . .Thanks for being my favourite Server forever :) Love all you guys :)

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  2. Im on my 259th day. :)
  3. Good for you : )