200k shop pricing job

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  1. looking for someone to fairly but moderately expensively price my entire shop based on market value (aka atleast 1r more for selling /less for buying then the average shop)

    it needs to be done in an excel spreadsheet (07 or later) and include the item name, the item id, the buy price for a single item and the sell price for a single item. whoever takes the commission will be given permission to explore but not buy from my shop while they perform this action for each floor. if performed in a timely manner an additional 50k tip is offered. pm me or respond here if interested.

    (note: any purchasing or selling done prior to this being completed and paid for will result in a report as you clearly are violating my terms)
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  2. I can do it. Anything else I need to know?
  3. ummmm just that i would like to stay at one item buying and selling unless its something ridiculous like netherrack
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  4. Most items are bought/sold by the stack... If you can provide the spreadsheet with all the items I can price them for you. How many items are we talking?
  5. i think jkrmnj has it handled but ill keep you in mind, its alot of items and i only buy/sell by singles
  6. It's fine. I can just adjust them... Also, if you want me to look over what he sends you and give my feedback I can also help with that. Some items have odd values like jungle saplings. I see a lot of shops pricing them just like any other sapling, even though they are really rare to get and worth about 30-40r...

    I also wanted to get your ideas for having a tool that parses a CSV to create listings on my site, since it sounds like you will be already doing a spreadsheet ahead of time, and that may help me populate the pricing database easier and I wanted to make sure potential customers can find your shop.
  7. Hmm I will have to think about this. but it could buy me a beacon!
  8. I could do it in google drive or excel. Google drive could be easier because all I have to do is copy and paste a link
  9. Sell it all for 1r ;P