200 days of Legit!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Yesterday was my 200th day on EMC. Sadly, I was not on for when I turned 200, BUT, anyways, I am holding my 200th day celebration! It all starts today on my lot, 7291, SMP3, with a party, and a drop party! Then, start on Monday, I will be holding a giveaway every day up until Saturday! There will only be ten spots open for each giveaway, so the second the thread comes up for it, you better click fast! If you come to the giveaway, please use local chat. Hope to see you all soon!

    *Also, this is a forum only event, and was only announced here, as its you guys who keep me going~*

  2. No-ones coming? :(
  3. Wow, it seems no-one wants free stuff..
  4. I decided to announce it in game, as it seems the forums are interested...
  5. I can't now really sorry :(
  6. I'm postponing it. Even when I announced it on SMP3, only two people came. Both SMP3 and the forums seem to be dead ATM...
  7. I'm far in the wild so I can't sorry, I hope others come :)
  8. I'm going to try again now! :) SMP3, 7291.
  9. Last try for today. 7291, smp3... Also, now its my 201th day...
  10. 200 days?? To.. much... legit.. *explodes*
  11. right now?

    *Feels sad because is 8000 blocks out in Wilderness with pet creeper Steve*