20 Subs Q&A video!

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  1. So, I just hit 20 subs on youtube! (omg ur a nub pro, dat be liek less dan 100000000000).

    Anyways, I'm making a(n) Q&A/ama session video for this event, and everyone knows a Q&A/ama isn't a Q&A or ama if you don't have questions!

    So, ask away! Limit of 4 questions per person.

    (Please follow emc rules when asking questions.)



    Also, if you haven't subbed and enjoy the content that I put out, subbing would be great!
  2. Lol, i've been stuck at 20 subs for a month or two :p
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  3. I was stuck at 12 now it's rising pretty smoothly, at 48 now :)
  4. No offense, but this isn't the "share how many subs you have" thread.
  5. Just letting you know we're on the "same subs" train/boat
  6. How did you get so many rupees?!?!?!
  7. I have like 3 subs XD
  8. As I said before, this isn't the "how many subs do you have on youtube" thread. Please keep things on topic.
    EDIT: apologies if I'm a tad bit harsh here, but I was dragged to a 3 and a half dinner thing that was really annoying...
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  9. If you want to be technical Ethy's question was on topic it's a AMA thread, no?

    My questions:

    * How long have you been recording? (If you have had other Youtube acc in the past)

    * If you could go back and change anything in any of your videos what would it be?

    * If you were to start a new series which game/topic would it be about?
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  10. Good point xD.
  11. How many carrots would it take to kill someone in any manor?
    How would you perform this carrot kill?
  12. Do you plan on LPing any games beside Minecraft?
    Favourite Pokemon?
    What is the name of your new software?
    How do I YouTube again? :p
  13. Sorry :/
  14. How many bumps would a pro bumper bump if a pro bumper could bump?
  15. Do you think Nick5013 is pretty?
  16. Bump, I'm going to answer everything tomorrow in a few days :p. ^.^