20,000r JOB!!! SMP4

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  1. Alright everybody! i am dishing out 20k! i will have it for ONE person to dig out the rest of my res (8984 on SMP4). It is about HALF WAY DONE. I will supply SOME shovels, but not all! Also, would like it done within 3-4 days MAX. thanks!

    JOB TAKEN!!!
  2. count me in
  3. Half a res? I don't think I'd do it for 80k.
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  4. YOu take the job?
  5. Yes I will take the job
  6. Awesome! come to 8984 on SMP4 i am there now
  7. Can I meet you in 30 min gotta do something right now sorry..
  8. I`ll do the job :D
  9. sorry already got it
  10. i want to do the job please!!!
  11. I helped dig out the bottom quarter of fishyhiggs res for 20r a layer and that took a week and a half (I still don't think it's done) half a res is a bit much for one person it will take someone with a diamond shovel a month or so.
  12. WHen can u come to 8984 and start? ill leave u an access chest and u have perms.
  13. I'd do it for free, but I dont have enough time on my hands to do so. :p
  14. wow i just notesed it anc i like it
  15. 20r a layer?! There are some people getting seriously ripped off in this thread.

    Asking anyone to dig out even half a res for less than 70k is sheer cheek. :D
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  16. d
    *facepalm, read the red lines next time
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  17. This is a old thread!

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