20,000 Rupees ACHIEVED! King of the poor people!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MEINCRAVTA, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. I just achieved my goal of 20,000 rupees! Now I am king of the poor people!! hahahaha! Im just trying to be funny, but is it just me, or are anything but really successful people (a handful) and diamond supporters dirt poor? By dirt poor i mean under 50k.
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  2. Can you donate some rupees to me? BEcause i have only 242r and im almost finished with my casino
  3. Only 20k? I have over 200k. <3

    -Just because I always see you troll ^_^
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  4. Making rupees aren't that hard. If you make a Mob grinder get to level 45 + them you probably will get 10k +
  5. soo can you donate some to me?
  6. Ok i dont mean to troll. But im seriously poor. Come to 14664 on smp7 u could see that ive waster all my rupees. and i dont want that much unless you want to give me that sum of money.
  7. Please put this all in one post
  8. I have gotten 35k in 4 months almost all of it from my shop:)
  9. Well i jst finished tearing down my shop but i have a casino left.
    Nobody would coem to my shop and i had low prices.
  10. Ill play cassno if it is fun
  11. Cool come to SMP7 lot 14664
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  12. I have a little more then 7K....
  13. Wow. Ive never had that much.
    I have 247r atm
  14. Bro its not that hard to make money...last night I started trying to get more money and I made 1k in 10 mins (not my sign in bonus) I know someone who has been here 34 days (non-supporter) he has 84k
  15. WOW. I used to have a shop but nobody would come. And your a diamond supporter. Whoever was a NON supporter who has 84k could be lying or he jst bought his rupees.
  16. Not true. Before I became a supporter I made a little over 100k. It's possible, just takes dedication.

    EDIT: And at that time, you couldn't buy rupees.
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  17. Same story for me making it to 100k is not very hard, you need to set you mind in the right direction.
  18. you also have to play with the market know the market price and supply and demand and also ADVERTISE just not spam.. like if someone asks if anyone sells XXX reply nicely I sell that item at XXX 15 for 5r no exclamation marks needed if you do it might lower what people think of you in the chat :D
  19. No its easy to make money, you don't get as much from selling from a shop, go out into the wild with all the supplies you need and just run for a while into the wild...after a few thousand blocks have a look around for a cave or dig down but becareful you might dig into lava, then jut mine for a while until you have lots of minerals, then go get some logs, if you have had enough come back and sell them to the major trade market on smp7, for me its alexchance and leowaste on smp2 soif you do that you should get a bitta money ,:)