2 Weeks of School.

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  1. I have been in school for two weeks.

    I would like to say my experiences, thoughts, and feelings now.

    Last week, I found out I was both in dance, and in gym. I didn't want to do that, I didn't want to change twice a day. I switched out of gym, and now the gym teacher calls me 'traitor'. :p

    While in gym, I met this girl. She was someone from my elementary school who didn't go to the same school as I did in 6th grade, but does now. She was nice. She was one of my only friends in that gym class. One day we had a free day in gym, I went to go get a basketball to just shoot baskets. Now there's this other girl, as I had seen her, I didn't really like her, not her attitude anyways. As I was getting the ball and going to shoot, she came to ask if I wanted to play basketball. I said that I just wanted to shoot. She asked again, and suggested 2 on 1 (with that other girl I was talking about). That's fair, so I just walked away and went to hit a volleyball. The same sort of thing happened again, I was hitting a volleyball, it wasn't a game, just hitting it to others, she came, and she turned it into some kind of game, I just don't like competing.

    Ahem, now, for the first week and the beginning of the second, I was talk that I talked quietly, too quietly. I am shy IRL (really. like srysly). Very shy, I was told that I had a loud voice, so I lowered it, but now I'm just too quiet. So I'm trying to talk at a medium sized voice now. I don't like being shy.

    Homework, on the first day.

    I'm not sure if I can keep up with all my homework. I got homework on the first day of school alone, and it wasn't just a take home and sign sheet. It was, go home and type up homework. Then, I got a summary and review to write, science homework, Spanish homework, more geography homework, and dance homework.

  2. I clicked dat egg :)
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  3. Well, umm... Then shouldn't you be doing homework instead of typing up threads for forums?
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  4. So I just finished up my third week....

    I feel your pain though, my core teacher used to be the math teacher, so algebra day 2. Today we got to hike and sketch stuff for the first 1.5 hours though.
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  5. Homework in dance? What have we come to.
  6. I can releate with the girl thing. I'm not really athletic, and today during gym, We were doing relays, and one of the boys who just made our school said to me: "This time, you actualy need to run fast."
    Then later on, we had to do bear crawls. He then says to me: "You know what a bear crawl is?" I nod. "Then do them."
    And finally, we were doing pushups: "Hey! Do a REAL pushup! All the way to the ground."
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  7. I hate that one person that takes off with the track even when you're supposed to jog, and when he laps you he thinks he's all boss. Then you gotta love when it's over and the same person starts hyperventilating as if he's suffering or something when clearly he's not even tired and just trying to impress you lol..
  8. i know, right?
    But luckily i go to a private Christian school, so that stuff is VERY rare.
  9. I have had school for about two weeks now, and all the homework I have gotton is a worksheet on Quarks. :D
  10. People may give you a hard time about removing gym as a class, unless it was to take another elective.
    People like seeing things as "equal" [everyone does the minimum exactly the same] instead of "fair" [meeting certain criteria a person would like]. And you may have dance, but people may overlook that as just another sport.
    Just be serious about any classes you are doing and try to interact with those who might want to play a game with you.
    And I got homework in every class my first day too, just so long as we can used to the workload:)

    And for my school complaint: Day 21, indoor temperature in my dorm: 91F, classroom temp.: 86F Outside temp: 101F [cross country was a bit difficult] and humidity all around: 87%. Uniforms: mandatory as always:rolleyes:
  11. I did change gym to art.
  12. I just finished my fourth week and completed:
    Two science projects
    One history project
    One language arts essay
    Multiple math quizzes
    One Spanish quiz
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