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  1. I would like 2 questions answered. One, if stealing is a bannable offense on empire, why would anyone EVER lock their chest in the wild? Ever? ? ??? Ever?

    Also the more important question. Where are all the monsters? They don't spawn at all. Me and my brother traveled 5000 blocks and at 5000 Z we found 5 enemies hiding under a tree. Once. I thought Empire was that you ventured out into the wild and fought creatures and collected resources, Not hardcore economy server with no threat of death what so ever.
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  2. 1. Stupid people do steal other peoples stuff.
    2. Its server issues, and they are working on it.
  3. People lock their chests because even though stealing is against the rules, people still do it. It is just like locking your house or car. It is illegal to break into someones house but you still lock it because people will still try to break the law.

    And read this thread about mobs.
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